Okrs are difficult anyhow but weekdone does everything to help you get started

Good UI and overviews. Creates a level on transparency cross-company

Verified Reviewer

Perfect for task allocation and team building

Its been great and usefull for team building and boosting employee moral. Easy to use and configure, track progress and generation of reports.

Girish P.

Afforbably OKRs and Coaching

When our [SENSITIVE CONTENT] and Executive Team decided to implement OKR's for our organization we had a two-fold learning curve and need. We needed a method to track the Objectives and Key Results, but also we needed to learn and unde...

Jeff S.

Great way to track objectives to reach your potential!

It's easy to set up and use, and you can get a whole look at how the company's doing in a glimpse.

Fernando L.


the thing i like most about weekdone is user-friendliness

Roberta D.

Great Product & Service

What do you like best? Ease of use, It is easy for our team to go in and track their progress within any and all OKRs! It also helps our team understand what a great O, KR, and initiative look like through their scoring mechanism. What ...

Melissa W.

Great tool for tracking OKRs

Weekdone has been easy to roll out for our organization, and been an effective way to track our OKRs. This tools helped to provide some structure around the way our organization talks about objectives and key results. Visually attractiv...

Adam C.

Highly recommended software for teams starting off with OKRs

What do you like best? It's clear to use and understand. If you ever get stuck, weekdone invests heavily into coaching and assisting its userbase. What do you dislike? that Capterra didn't work the first time around to give this feedback...

Siim P.

Nice tool to track OKRs

We use this for years to track our OKRs. Very nice way to track progress and break Keyresult into milestones. Easy to use, and you can see the progress and Objectives of other teams. I like the effect it does when we achieve a keyr...

Lamis B.

Easy to use and with good UX/Ui

The team dashboard look and feel and the team/people admin.

catia s.

The best way to plan, track and measure OKR progress I've ever found!

What do you like best? I LOVE the immediate feedback I get as I'm creating OKRs. Weekdone tells me immediately if I'm on the right track or if I need to be more specific, and lets me organize my initiatives under each specific KR. Can it...

Karen R.

Helps you manage your OKRs

Weekdone was easy to use and aligned well with the concept of OKRs. When I learned about OKRs I immediately wanted to try it with my team. I loved that this software was tailor made for that process.

Alexander W.